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Camera Wrist Strap

SKYLOR delivers an adventurous snap shot voyage while keeping the camera accessories safe and sound for you! With a built-in dual elastic strap to secure your varying sized lens caps and a slip leather pocket to hold your memory card, your camera and your happiest moments are always well-kept. Available in many colors, the smart designed camera hand strap is made with durable cotton webbing, adorned with leather trimmings that shout classic and style at the same time. Toss away worries of handling your fragile cameras as the strap tightens with weight when your hand relaxes. Now go take worry-free snap shots and have fun!

Rp. 499.000
(price excludes tax and shipping)
Color   Camo

  • Highly secured and versatile attachment system options for cameras ranging from (D)SLR, Micro 4/3 to compact
  • Smart patented elastic band design to hold one big or small lens cap of sizes from 30 to 60mm
  • Slip pocket to store extra memory card
  • Made with genuine leather and soft webbing for durable performance yet comfortable feel

Item no: 40003-04

Materials: Made with durable Nylon webbing with leather trimming

Adjustable length - 27 - 34cm
Strap width - approx. 4cm
Attachment sling width - approx. 1cm

Connector options:
Standard loop for (D)SLR or heavier cameras
Mini loop for Micro 4/3rd and compact cameras

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